G.A.M.A.G Black+White: > 100 investments – 4 principles > 100 % return since 2000

Run­ning with the mar­ket is not our style. Tog­e­ther with our invest­ment experts we collect more than one hund­red years of invest­ment acu­men. The G.A.M.A.G enter­pri­ses are using High­Finance tech­ni­ques and col­la­bo­ra­te with lea­ding inves­tors world­wi­de. Thus we achie­ve our per­for­mance inde­pen­dent of the mar­ket direc­tion. We rise and fall by our know­ledge ins­tead of hoping that the exchan­ge pri­ces might rise. Pure alpha stra­te­gies.

Black+White principles 1 to 4

Rule No. 1: Distressed

Buy­ing rock bot­tom gains pro­bable even if the enter­pri­se enters ban­crupt­cy

Rule No. 2: Long/Short

Pro­fi­t­ing from rela­ti­ve per­for­mance of lin­ked enter­pri­ses whe­re the ana­ly­sis if often much easier than jud­ging the over­all direc­tion of the mar­ket

Rule No. 3: Alter­native finance

Inte­rest repla­ce­ment stra­te­gies, whe­re the aim is to achie­ve a pro­tec­ted high yield by trans­forming one asset into ano­t­her at secu­red pri­ces

Rule No. 4: Event driven

Pro­fi­t­ing from events, that may yield extre­me­ly posi­ti­ve deve­lo­pe­ments of a stock´s pri­ce

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Tra­ding gains wit­hin GAMAG Black+­White Ltd. und GAMAG Vola+Value Ltd. are moving the GAMAG indi­ces, which are inde­pendent­ly cal­cu­la­ted. Posi­tive yields after costs make the indi­ces rise. Nega­tive tra­ding results and costs redu­ce the index values. By way of buy­ing index lin­ked notes, the GAMAG index cer­ti­fi­ca­tes, inves­tors par­ti­ci­pa­te from the tra­ding suc­cess after costs of the respec­tive GAMAG com­pa­ny. The­re are two series of index lin­ked notes avail­ab­le.
G.A.M.A.G Black+White Mas­ter G.A.M.A.G Black+White Mini
rep­res­ents one GAMAG Black+White-Index in Euros rep­res­ents 1/100 of one GAMAG Black+White-Index in Euros
phy­si­cal secu­ri­ties issued (paper)
theft pro­tec­tion as regis­te­red in the name of the owner
no cus­to­di­al costs
secu­ri­ties account necc­cessa­ry
Tra­ding OTC with  G.A.M.A.G or third par­ties Exchan­ge tra­ding on the Frank­furt stock exchan­ge or OTC using banks and bro­kers
term sheet term sheet

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