G.A.M.A.G Black+White: > 100 investments – 4 principles > 100 % return since 2000

Running with the market is not our style. Together with our investment experts we collect more than one hundred years of investment acumen. The G.A.M.A.G enterprises are using High­Finance techniques and collaborate with leading investors worldwide. Thus we achieve our performance independent of the market direction. We rise and fall by our knowledge instead of hoping that the exchange prices might rise. Pure alpha strategies.

Black+White principles 1 to 4

Rule No. 1: Distressed

Buying rock bottom gains probable even if the enterprise enters bancruptcy

Rule No. 2: Long/Short

Profiting from relative performance of linked enterprises where the analysis if often much easier than judging the overall direction of the market

Rule No. 3: Alter­native finance

Interest replacement strategies, where the aim is to achieve a protected high yield by transforming one asset into another at secured prices

Rule No. 4: Event driven

Profiting from events, that may yield extremely positive developements of a stock´s price

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Trading gains within GAMAG Black+­White Ltd. und GAMAG Vola+Value Ltd. are moving the GAMAG indices, which are independently calculated. Posi­tive yields after costs make the indices rise. Nega­tive trading results and costs reduce the index values. By way of buying index linked notes, the GAMAG index certificates, investors participate from the trading success after costs of the respective GAMAG company. There are two series of index linked notes available.
G.A.M.A.G Black+White Master G.A.M.A.G Black+White Mini
represents one GAMAG Black+White-Index in Euros represents 1/100 of one GAMAG Black+White-Index in Euros
physical securities issued (paper)
theft protection as registered in the name of the owner
no custodial costs
securities account necccessary
Trading OTC with  G.A.M.A.G or third parties Exchange trading on the Frankfurt stock exchange or OTC using banks and brokers
term sheet term sheet

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