Declarations according to Art. 5 TMG

(if applicable; applicability of TMG disputed)

Ger­man Asset Mana­gers AG
Bet­ti­nastr. 30
60325 Frank­furt

Representative body

Cars­ten Straush, Pre­si­dent of GAMAG group of com­pa­nies


Tele­fon: +49 69 97461134
Tele­fax: +49 69 97461159


Ger­man com­pa­ny regis­ter with the Frank­furt courts
Court: Amts­ge­richt Frank­furt (1st instan­ce civil court; regis­tra­ti­on divi­si­on)
Regis­tra­ti­on num­ber: HRB 46366


Lia­bi­li­ties with respect to con­tent

The com­pa­nies forming the GAMAG group of com­pa­nies are exclu­si­ve­ly working in the space of capi­tal trans­fer. They do not pro­du­ce stuff or offer ser­vices for pay­ment. Thus by our under­stan­ding of TMG, Tele­me­di­en­ge­setz, the Ger­man online media law, the GAMAG com­pa­nies do not fall under the realm of TMG as they are no ser­vice pro­vi­ders (Diens­te­an­bie­ter) wit­hin the mea­ning of that law.  If to the con­tra­ry Ger­man Asset Mana­gers AG would be clas­si­fied as a ser­vice pro­vi­der wit­hin the mea­ning of said law we could be reli­able accord­ing to Art. 7 sec. 1 TMG for infor­ma­ti­on on the pages of our web­site accord­ing to ger­ne­ral laws. Accord­ing to Arti­cles 8 to 10 TMG we still would not be oblie­ged to sur­vey or store infor­ma­ti­on pro­vi­ded by third par­ties or users regards ille­gal activi­ties of such par­ties. Our obli­ga­ti­ons to dele­te oder hin­der the use of infor­ma­ti­on pro­vi­ded based on gene­ral laws could pos­si­b­ly remain. An obli­ga­ti­on to act may only be assu­med after infor­ma­ti­on of a vio­la­ti­on is pro­vi­ded befo­re­hand to us. If we are infor­med of a vio­la­ti­on of the law and app­li­ca­bi­li­ty of TMG is given we will dele­te dis­pu­ted con­tent.

Lia­bi­li­ties with respect to links

Our web­site con­tains links to third par­ty web­sites whe­re­as the infor­ma­ti­on dis­play­ed on such web­sites is out of our reach. We decli­ne and reject all respon­si­bi­li­ties with regard to such infor­ma­ti­on dis­play­ed on third par­ty web­sites or with regard to any infor­ma­ti­on a user of such web­sites may use and the poten­ti­al los­ses he or she might incur using such infor­ma­ti­on. Only the pro­vi­ders of such web­sites are respon­si­ble for such con­tent. Links to third par­ty web­sites have been che­cked with regard to pos­si­ble vio­la­ti­ons and no ille­gal activi­ties found. A per­ma­nent con­trol of links or the con­tent of lin­ked pages or web­sites is unrea­son­ab­le wit­hout con­cre­te fac­ts hin­ting to a pos­si­ble vio­la­ti­on. Should we by hint get know­ledge of ille­gal activi­ties on third par­ty pages we will dele­te the rele­vant link. Fur­ther rights are rejec­ted and the user of this web­site accepts this by use of the site.

Copy­right laws

The com­ple­te web­site is pro­tec­ted under Ger­man copy­right law. Copying,distribution or any other kind of use if not expli­citly allo­wed accord­ing to copy­right law is pro­hi­bi­ted wit­hout writ­ten per­mis­si­on by the aut­hor and the pro­vi­der.  Down­loads and copies of pages of this web­site are exclu­si­ve­ly per­mit­ted for non-com­mer­ci­al pur­po­ses. Third par­ty copy­rights have been abi­ded by in as far as third par­ty con­tent is dis­play­ed. Should you expe­ri­ence a vio­la­ti­on of copy­rights we ask for a hint. Should the­re be any vio­la­ti­ons we will instant­ly dele­te such con­tent.

Finan­ci­al mar­kets and ban­king law

Non of the infor­ma­ti­on pro­vi­ded is inten­ded to be dis­tri­bu­t­ed to US, Cana­di­an oder Japa­ne­se citi­zens. Non of the secu­ri­ties pro­vi­ded is regis­te­red with any aut­ho­ri­ty out­si­de the EU. Espe­ci­al­ly the­re is no regis­tra­ti­on with the SEC. The enter­pri­ses of GAMAG group of com­pa­nies are no banks or finan­ci­al insti­tu­ti­ons. They do not pro­vi­de any kind of finan­ci­al ser­vices or ban­king ser­vices and do not fall under the regu­la­ti­ons of the EU MiFID (mar­kets in finan­ci­al instru­ments) direc­tive or the ban­king direc­tive and the rele­vant natio­nal laws. Espe­ci­al­ly no enti­ty of the group is a bank or finan­ci­al ser­vice pro­vi­der wit­hin the mea­ning of the Ger­man ban­king law (KWG) and spe­ci­fi­cal­ly does not offer any kind of invest­ment advi­so­ry ser­vices, port­fo­lio manage­ment ser­vices and are not buy­ing and sel­ling finan­ci­al instru­ments in the name of cli­ents and do not pro­vi­de mar­ket making ser­vices. All com­pa­nies forming GAMAG group restrict their activi­ties with regards to finan­ci­al instru­ments to pro­prie­ta­ry tra­ding for the name of the respec­tive GAMAG com­pa­ny its­elf. Fur­ther the­se com­pa­nies offer secu­ri­ties issued by them­sel­ves to the public an activi­ty which too does not con­sti­tu­te a regu­la­ted activi­ty under ban­king or finan­ci­al mar­ket laws. No con­tent on this web­site or a link to or from this webis­te may be unders­tood as an offer of finan­ci­al ser­vices, ban­king ser­vices or paid ser­vices at all wit­hin wha­te­ver defi­ni­ti­on of such terms.  The con­tent pro­vi­ded with regard to secu­ri­ties offe­red and issued by GAMAG com­pa­nies is restric­ted to inves­tors resi­ding wit­hin the EU which may buy such secu­ri­ties. For fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on regards selling/buying restric­tions we refer you the rele­vant dis­clo­sures on the buy+sell pages.