Invest­ment succ­cess using two stra­te­gies in two varia­ti­ons

The GAMAG stra­te­gies enable inves­tors to use a broad mix of dif­fe­rent alpha stra­te­gies to build their nest egg. They are rely­ing hea­vily on alter­na­tive invest­ment approa­ches to achieve a pro­tec­ted way of buil­ding one´s future.

GAMAG Black+White Ltd. invests in a mix of what we call inte­rest repla­ce­ment stra­te­gies. In today´s zero inte­rest envi­ron­ment there are still ways to achieve somehow con­ti­nuous cash flows. Instru­ments GAMAG Black+White Ltd. is using are e.g. con­tracts based on com­mer­cial real estate rent port­fo­lios or energy hedge stra­te­gies, where the investor buys oil or gas in the ground, sells the future pro­duc­tion in the futures mar­kets, and nets the spread bet­ween pro­duc­tion costs and the for­ward sale price. GAMAG Black+White Ltd. is com­bi­ning these yield bea­ring stra­te­gies with liquid hedge stra­te­gies on the exch­ange mar­kets like long/​short equity, rela­tive value or dis­t­res­sed stra­te­gies, where a name is bought at deeply dis­coun­ted prices so that even in the event of bankruptcy a posi­tive eco­no­mic result for the investor is highly pro­bable.

GAMAG Vola + Value is employ­ing a broad mix of option stra­te­gies. Core invest­ments are short option posi­ti­ons with the inten­tion to buy a stock a deeply dis­coun­ted prices in a high vola­ti­lity envi­ron­ment. Long option posi­ti­ons with the inten­tion to rea­lize spread pro­fits or hedge the port­fo­lio against cras­hes com­plete the approach. Fur­ther invest­ment stra­te­gies tra­ding vola­ti­lity itself enable the com­pany to par­ti­ci­pate from the results of a totally dif­fe­rent asset class with inte­res­ting invest­ment cha­rac­te­ris­tics.

Vola+Value is per­for­ming better in side­ways´ mar­kets or if mark­tets are cal­ming down. A mix of both stra­te­gies (Black+White and Vola+Value) has the poten­tial to fur­ther reduce over­all port­fo­lio vola­ti­lity achie­ving returns with low or even nega­tive cor­re­la­tion to the stock mar­kets. German Asset Mana­gers AG, Frank­furt is the issuer of the GAMAG cer­ti­fi­ca­tes, index-linked notes based on the GAMAG per­for­mance indi­ces which mea­sure the inde­pendently cal­cu­la­ted per­for­mance of both stra­te­gies.

German Asset Mana­gers AG, Frank­furt issues two series for each of the two stra­te­gies:
The GAMAG Master cer­ti­fi­ca­tes – phy­si­cal paper issues regis­te­red in the name of the investor and thus 100% pro­tec­ted against theft sent to the investor´s domi­cile. These cer­ti­fi­ca­tes thus are trans­fe­ra­ble without the nec­ces­sity of a bank and need no depo­si­tory or broker acount either.

Exch­ange-listed Mini-Cer­ti­fi­ca­tes are the more tra­di­tio­nal issues which can be bought and sold with bro­kers and uni­ver­sal banks and deli­vered into a secu­ri­ties acount at a depo­si­tory insti­tu­tion. These are tra­da­ble at Frank­furt stock exch­ange.

Finding your individual asset allocation

Obviously we have some ideas, which of our sta­te­gies are a better match for dif­fe­rent pur­po­ses even though not­hing is cer­tain in inves­ting. But this in turn leaves broad space for your own thoughts and per­so­nal touch.

Achieving entrepreneurial yields

As an entre­pre­neur you are thin­king long­term. You are buying GAMAG Master cer­ti­fi­ca­tes to achieve cost advan­ta­ges. GAMAG Black+White has the more aggres­sive risk return pro­file. You would want to over­weight this stra­tegy pos­si­bly. A 2:1 mix of Black+White and Vola+Value would be an idea.

Protection and growth for your nest egg

If after inves­ting for some time you are begin­ning to live by the returns of your nest egg you are pos­si­bly loo­king for some smoo­ther returns. Because of the longer invest­ment hori­zon you choose to profit from the cost advan­ta­ges of the GAMAG Master cer­ti­fi­ca­tes. Coming closer to the ear­nout phase you should think about maxi­mum diver­si­fi­ca­tion of your invest­ments. An equal 50:50 mix of Black+White and Vola+Value com­bi­nes two stra­te­gies with dif­fe­rent cha­rac­te­ris­tics.

Protected gains from alpha trading

You like to decide by your­self. You are loo­king for the fle­xi­bi­lity to profit from dif­fe­rent market con­di­ti­ons. Our two unique stra­te­gies enable you to achieve real yields in a low yield envi­ron­ment or to use vola­ti­lity based stra­te­gies pos­si­bly pro­fit­ing when nobody using tra­di­tio­nal tra­ding does.

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Detlef Weis­man­tel Customer Marketing Director