Investment succcess using two strategies in two variations

The GAMAG strategies enable investors to use a broad mix of different alpha strategies to build their nest egg. They are relying heavily on alternative investment approaches to achieve a protected way of building one´s future.

GAMAG Black+White Ltd. invests in a mix of what we call interest replacement strategies. In today´s zero interest environment there are still ways to achieve somehow continuous cash flows. Instruments GAMAG Black+White Ltd. is using are e.g. contracts based on commercial real estate rent portfolios or energy hedge strategies, where the investor buys oil or gas in the ground, sells the future production in the futures markets, and nets the spread between production costs and the forward sale price. GAMAG Black+White Ltd. is combining these yield bearing strategies with liquid hedge strategies on the exchange markets like long/short equity, relative value or distressed strategies, where a name is bought at deeply discounted prices so that even in the event of bankruptcy a positive economic result for the investor is highly probable.

GAMAG Vola + Value is employing a broad mix of option strategies. Core investments are short option positions with the intention to buy a stock a deeply discounted prices in a high volatility environment. Long option positions with the intention to realize spread profits or hedge the portfolio against crashes complete the approach. Further investment strategies trading volatility itself enable the company to participate from the results of a totally different asset class with interesting investment characteristics.

Vola+Value is performing better in sideways´ markets or if marktets are calming down. A mix of both strategies (Black+White and Vola+Value) has the potential to further reduce overall portfolio volatility achieving returns with low or even negative correlation to the stock markets. German Asset Managers AG, Frankfurt is the issuer of the GAMAG certificates, index-linked notes based on the GAMAG performance indices which measure the independently calculated performance of both strategies.

German Asset Managers AG, Frankfurt issues two series for each of the two strategies:
The GAMAG Master certificates – physical paper issues registered in the name of the investor and thus 100% protected against theft sent to the investor´s domicile. These certificates thus are transferable without the neccessity of a bank and need no depository or broker acount either.

Exchange-listed Mini-Certificates are the more traditional issues which can be bought and sold with brokers and universal banks and delivered into a securities acount at a depository institution. These are tradable at Frankfurt stock exchange.

Finding your individual asset allocation

Obviously we have some ideas, which of our stategies are a better match for different purposes even though nothing is certain in investing. But this in turn leaves broad space for your own thoughts and personal touch.

Achieving entrepreneurial yields

As an entrepreneur you are thinking longterm. You are buying GAMAG Master certificates to achieve cost advantages. GAMAG Black+White has the more aggressive risk return profile. You would want to overweight this strategy possibly. A 2:1 mix of Black+White and Vola+Value would be an idea.

Protection and growth for your nest egg

If after investing for some time you are beginning to live by the returns of your nest egg you are possibly looking for some smoother returns. Because of the longer investment horizon you choose to profit from the cost advantages of the GAMAG Master certificates. Coming closer to the earnout phase you should think about maximum diversification of your investments. An equal 50:50 mix of Black+White and Vola+Value combines two strategies with different characteristics.

Protected gains from alpha trading

You like to decide by yourself. You are looking for the flexibility to profit from different market conditions. Our two unique strategies enable you to achieve real yields in a low yield environment or to use volatility based strategies possibly profiting when nobody using traditional trading does.

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Detlef Weismantel Customer Marketing Director