Hedged investing in the exchange markets

Your last tradings in the stock markets were a little bit complicated. You are looking for an investment with less stress und steadyer returns.

Protecting and growing your future investments

Zero yield and insecure pensions. You are looking for an alternative. Our investment strategies have been producing alltime highs for the last 18 years and achieved real returns.

Gains from entrepreneurial investments

You earned money as an entrepreneur. Now you are looking for alternatives to diversify, investment opportunities with stable returns you do not have to manage day in day out.

Final Values May 2024

Black+White-Index 18.503,23 + 1,16 % (+ 556,49 % since start)
Vola+Value-Index 11.480,50 + 0,97 % (+ 36,64 % since start)
G.A.M.A.G-Multi-Strategy-Programs perform independently of general market trends.