Our investments: alpha strategies for smart investors

Performing close to the market is not what we are aiming for. Together with our advisors we combine hundreds of years of investment experience. GAMAG group enterprises rely on High­Finance-techniques and collaborate with best of breed investors worldwide. Achieving profits mostly independend of the market flow is the aim. We are gaining through knowledge instead of hope for the next rallye. Pure alpha strategies applied.

G.A.M.A.G Black+White:

Every 3-4 years a new al­time high for the last 16 years, more than +100% since January 2000 * up to Juli 2016 (in comparison: DAX + 17%). Invest into billionaire strategies. May profit even in falling markets.
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G.A.M.A.G Vola+Value:

Gains from invest­ments into blue chips worldwide. Using financial high­tech (com­puter­ized trading and complex options strate­gies). High­light: Extra gains in sideways markets
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G.A.M.A.G strategies deliver


wealth protection and growth using G.A.M.A.G strategies