Performing with the market – we and our co-investors are looking for more. Jointly our experts count for more than hundred years of trading experience. we employ high end trading techniques like the ones our founding partner Carsten Straush used in his book Handbook of Futures Trading described already 25 years ago. We are gaining by knowledge not by hope that prices may climb. We are putting pure alpha strategies to work for us.

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Based on the trading results of GAMAG Vola+Value Ltd. auditors and bookkeeper independently calculate the  GAMAG-Indices. Posi­tive results after costs produce a climbing index. Nega­tive trades and costs are reducing the index value. By way of buying the GAMAG index-linked notes investors may participate into the results of the GAMAG strategies.
G.A.M.A.G Vola+Value Master G.A.M.A.G Vola+Value Mini
One Vola+Value-Index 
in Euros 1/100 of one GAMAG Vola+Value-Index in Eurose
Physical paper (printed securities)
Protected against theft as registered in the name of the owner
No custody costs
Custody account at a broker neccessary. Custody fees apply.
Trading OTC with G.A.M.A.G or third parties Exchange trading on the Frankfurt Exchange or via OTC order at a brokerage/bank
product specifications product specifications

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