Per­for­ming with the market – we and our co-inves­tors are loo­king for more. Jointly our experts count for more than hund­red years of tra­ding expe­ri­ence. we employ high end tra­ding tech­ni­ques like the ones our foun­ding part­ner Cars­ten Straush used in his book Hand­book of Futures Tra­ding descri­bed alre­ady 25 years ago. We are gai­ning by know­ledge not by hope that prices may climb. We are put­ting pure alpha stra­te­gies to work for us.

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Based on the tra­ding results of GAMAG Vola+Value Ltd. audi­tors and book­kee­per inde­pendently cal­cu­late the  GAMAG-Indi­ces. Posi­tive results after costs pro­duce a clim­bing index. Nega­tive trades and costs are redu­cing the index value. By way of buying the GAMAG index-linked notes inves­tors may par­ti­ci­pate into the results of the GAMAG stra­te­gies.
G.A.M.A.G Vola+Value Master G.A.M.A.G Vola+Value Mini
One Vola+Value-Index 
in Euros 1/100 of one GAMAG Vola+Value-Index in Eurose
Phy­si­cal paper (prin­ted secu­ri­ties)
Pro­tec­ted against theft as regis­te­red in the name of the owner
No cus­tody costs
Cus­tody account at a broker nec­cessary. Cus­tody fees apply.
Tra­ding OTC with G.A.M.A.G or third par­ties Exch­ange tra­ding on the Frank­furt Exch­ange or via OTC order at a brokerage/​bank
pro­duct spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons pro­duct spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons

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Detlef Weis­man­tel Customer Marketing Director