G.A.M.A.G Group

G.A.M.A.G Group is a group of com­pa­nies inves­ting their pro­prie­ta­ry capi­tal inter­na­tio­nal­ly using alter­na­ti­ve invest­ment stra­te­gies. Inves­tors with the G.A.M.A.G com­pa­nies are buy­ing secu­ri­ties issued by Ger­man Asset Mana­gers AG, Frank­furt. This enti­ty invests its monies pri­ma­ri­ly with GAMAG spe­cial pur­po­se vehi­cles GAMAG Black + White Ltd. and GAMAG Vola + Value Ltd. The­se com­pa­nies in turn are inves­ting with  hedge funds, are buy­ing stocks, bonds and notes world­wi­de and use deri­va­ti­ves exten­si­ve­ly to hedge or gain from time decay. The invest­ments suc­cess is inde­pendent­ly moni­to­red and cal­cu­la­ted mon­th­ly by way of the G.A.M.A.G indi­ces, actively mana­ged per­for­mance indi­ces.

Your contacts at GAMAG

Carsten Straush President

Cars­ten Straush began his care­er after finis­hing his exame in ban­king and finan­ce at Colo­gne uni­ver­si­ty with the lea­ding Ger­man publi­shing group in the sec­tor deve­lo­ping inno­va­ti­ve ban­king ana­ly­sis pro­duc­ts, orga­ni­zing and tea­ching in semi­nars and work­shops and publi­shing actively about ways to ana­ly­se the stock mar­kets. Mid-90s he swit­ched to active port­fo­lio manage­ment using deri­va­ti­ve pro­duc­ts exten­si­ve­ly. 1998 he incor­po­ra­ted Ger­man Asset Mana­gers AG, which then issued the first index-lin­ked note in Ger­ma­ny and pionee­red the con­cept of actively mana­ged indi­ces. 2001 the second inno­va­ti­on was brought to the mar­ket, the Black+White-Certificate, an index-lin­ked note based on a port­fo­lio of hedge funds and alpha-ori­en­ted stra­te­gies. Thus GAMAG was a first mover in cate­ring hedge funds to the pri­va­te inves­tor in Ger­ma­ny.

Detlef Weismantel Customer Marketing Director

Det­lef Weis­man­tel after finis­hing his edu­ca­ti­on in ban­king began his care­er at one of the lea­ding French glo­bal banks. He then swit­ched to a lea­ding Ger­man finan­ci­al inter­me­dia­ry whe­re he pro­mo­ted new types of finan­ci­al con­trac­ts to insti­tu­tio­nal cli­ents. Sin­ce 2000 in his new role as Custo­mer and Mar­keting Direc­tor he is respon­si­ble for the mar­ke­ting activi­ties of the GAMAG group.

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