Our invest­ments: alpha stra­te­gies for smart inves­tors

Per­for­ming close to the market is not what we are aiming for. Toge­ther with our advi­sors we com­bine hund­reds of years of invest­ment expe­ri­ence. GAMAG group ent­er­pri­ses rely on High­Finance-​techniques and col­la­bo­rate with best of breed inves­tors world­wide. Achie­ving pro­fits mostly inde­pen­dend of the market flow is the aim. We are gai­ning through know­ledge ins­tead of hope for the next rallye. Pure alpha stra­te­gies app­lied.

G.A.M.A.G Black+White:

Every 3–4 years a new al­time high for the last 16 years, more than +100% since Janu­ary 2000 * up to Juli 2016 (in com­pa­ri­son: DAX + 17%). Invest into bil­lio­naire stra­te­gies. May profit even in fal­ling mar­kets.
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G.A.M.A.G Vola+Value:

Gains from invest­ments into blue chips world­wide. Using finan­cial high­tech (com­puter­ized tra­ding and com­plex opti­ons strate­gies). High­light: Extra gains in side­ways mar­kets
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G.A.M.A.G strategies deliver


wealth pro­tec­tion and growth using G.A.M.A.G stra­te­gies