Neglected commercial real estate

Profiting from other people´s liquidity problems

Its always the same story (but seldom they get it right). At the end of an economic expansion nearly always investments into commercial real estate reach ist top. Often financed by too much debt. The next real estate crises is around the corner. Often buying prices fall by 50% or more or investors may aquire first class assets at bottom prices. What was heavily sought after just months before suddenly turns into a lost child. The loans get bad and the time for deep value investors has come, time for longer term deep value investing. Buying assets for the proverbial Cents on Dollar respectively Euro is one of the safest ways to build a nest egg. Partial selling, restructuring, repositioning of assets are building the active part of the strategy.

GAMAG Black+White Ltd. inves­ts with broad diversification worldwide into deep value and distressed assets directly and by way of investments with some best breed hedge funds which are closed to new investors.