Neglected commercial real estate

Profiting from other people´s liquidity problems

Its always the same sto­ry (but sel­dom they get it right). At the end of an eco­no­mic expan­si­on near­ly always invest­ments into com­mer­ci­al real esta­te reach ist top. Often finan­ced by too much debt. The next real esta­te cri­ses is around the cor­ner. Often buy­ing pri­ces fall by 50% or more or inves­tors may aqui­re first class assets at bot­tom pri­ces. What was hea­vi­ly sought after just mon­ths befo­re sud­den­ly turns into a lost child. The loans get bad and the time for deep value inves­tors has come, time for lon­ger term deep value inves­ting. Buy­ing assets for the pro­ver­bi­al Cents on Dol­lar respec­tively Euro is one of the safest ways to build a nest egg. Par­ti­al sel­ling, rest­ruc­tu­ring, repo­si­tio­ning of assets are buil­ding the active part of the stra­te­gy.

GAMAG Black+White Ltd. inves­ts with broad diver­si­fi­ca­ti­on world­wi­de into deep value and dis­tres­sed assets direc­t­ly and by way of invest­ments with some best breed hedge funds which are clo­sed to new inves­tors.