Pipelines and bunkers


Big and rather constant yield payments from the transport and storage of oil and gas

Even if the pri­ce implo­des oil and gas have to be trans­por­ted and stored.  Inde­pen­dent of the ener­gy pri­ces this busi­ness yields ran­ge­bound fees for the usa­ge of a pipe­line or the sto­rage at a bun­ker site. Pipe­line usa­ge is often con­trac­ted many years in advan­ce and cove­r­ed by pay or use con­trac­ts which broad­ly redu­ce the risk of the pipe­line com­pa­ny. GAMAG Black+White Ltd. has diver­si­fied invest­ments with a broad ran­ge of ope­ra­tors in the busi­ness wit­hin its  GAMAG Black+White Inco­me-Por­t­­fo­­lio.